Earn up to $3,000 for every Web3 project you refer to SNAP (Supra Network Activate Program)


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What is SNAP Affiliates?
SNAP (Supra Network Activate Program) offers free credits and considerable long-term discounts to blockchain projects that integrate with Supra's next-gen oracles.

Becoming an affiliate gives you an opportunity to get rewarded up to $3,000 by referring projects to SNAP.


For Individuals
$1,500 per referral ($500 USDC and $1,000 in $SUPRA)

Become an individual SNAP Affiliate and earn rewards for every project you refer. Just tap into your Web3 network and start referring. Find and connect with Web3 founders, project ambassadors, and business development leads. Help them discover Supra products and introduce them to our team for verification.

Chance to join Supra. Full-time.
With complete knowledge of Supra's tech, you become an like an external business development teammate. All affiliates can potentially earn as much as a full-time salary. Top affiliates may even get full-time position offers at Supra.


For Organizations
$3,000 per referral ($1,000 USDC and $2,000 in $SUPRA)

This tier of affiliate partnership is for external groups such as an Auditing Firm, Validator, Marketing Group, Consulting Firm, Accelerator/Incubator, Hackathon, or Web3 company.

Use Supra Activate Network Program (SNAP) credits as a way to upsell your own business model and tie in these additional services from SupraOracles to projects you are working with, at no cost to you. It's a win-win for your end customer and your company earns affiliate rewards on every introduction that completes the implementation of our Oracles products.

Claim your USDC right away.
The SNAP Affiliates payout structure allows you to get partial rewards as soon as you get a successful referral with a confirmed testnet integration.

50% of USDC

Immediate payout upon testnet integration

50% of USDC

Immediate payout upon mainnet integration


Vested over 12 months after mainnet integration

Get started with your affiliate kit.

When you become a SNAP Affiliate, you’ll get all the tools you need to help Web3 builders understand how Supra products and SNAP can give them a huge competitive advantage for up to 2 years.


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