Get free oracle services for 6 months and up to 
90% off for 18 months for selected high-potential Web3 projects.


The Supra Network Activate Program (SNAP) is a dual incentivization program offering rewards to two sides of the same coin: projects and community. We want our community to succeed, so we are awarding significant benefits to early adopters and supporters.

SupraOracles pushes streaming institutional-grade data feeds, providing you with the assurance of trusted data sources. This helps you succeed in your project’s launch and execution without needing to worry about optimizing data performance and managing associated risks and costs.

For Projects  

SNAP offers companies discounted oracle credits, technical documentation, and customer support to embed much-needed oracles. SNAP supports Web3 scaling and growth to buffer costs which could typically inhibit a company’s success. 

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For Partners

SNAP Affiliates gives the community and external partners an opportunity to refer Web3 projects and earn up to $3,000 per project that implements Supra's next gen oracles. 

Organizations: $1,000 USDC, $2000 in $SUPRA
Individuals: $500 USDC, $1000 in $SUPRA

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Financial benefits of SNAP

Annually, 100 selected integration partners will receive 6 months free. After the initial 6 months, additional discounts will be applied for Usage Volume and Staking Commitment.

25 early bird spots opened every quarter

Projects are selected from introductions made by:

L1 / L2 Foundations

Portfolio Partners

Incubator / Accelerator Programs

Validators / Node Operators

Partners / SNAP Affiliates


Auditing Firms

How it works:

  1. After the initial 6 months, staking $SUPRA upfront provides you with significant discounts.
  2. SupraOracles pegs fees to a USDC amount so that you can finally have predictable budgeting.
  3. The SupraOracles staking contracts deduct your Base fees (ie. $5/day, $25/day, $50/day) from the original $SUPRA that is staked.
  4. Gas fees for the destination chain are paid by the project.
    • Per chain, all projects share in total gas costs helping to amortize and share costs across the group.
    • L1/L2 foundations are also providing gas grants helping us subsidize some of these costs for you.
  5. After the Staking Period (18 or 12 months) lock-up period, if there is any $SUPRA left at the end of this time period then you as a project keep it.


* Applicable discounts could vary depending on usage volume, stage of company.

Become a Supra Scout

Apply for our Affiliate Program to get rewards of up to $1500 for every successful referral to SNAP.

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Benefits of SupraOracles


Truly Decentralized
Governed by incentives for good behavior, our system consists of individual nodes that pull data from multiple sources, resulting in a fully decentralized model.


Massive Scalability
By running in parallel across multiple Distributed Key Generation configurations, our nodes form a randomized and infinitely scalable network.


Ultrafast & Secure
With parallel processing via powerful cryptographic primitives, our novel Tribes and Clans architecture pushes industry benchmarks of speed and security.


Quick Finality
Our main competitor averages 120 seconds to reach finality. SupraOracles is much faster, offering 3-5 second on-chain refresh rates, with full finality.


Cross-chain interoperability
We are blockchain agnostic, compatible with Aptos, Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, Polkadot, Sui, and many more.

SupraOracles provides a variety of Oracles



Uses oracles to fetch data from multiple sources, aggregate, and validate into one reliable result. Ensures that failure or misbehavior of a single source and malicious nodes do not tamper the aggregate result, ensuring higher fault tolerance of data feeds.



Used when challenge periods and latency are needed to wait for the end result via application of game-theoretic frameworks and economic incentives to ensure the reliability of data delivery.



Assumes that originating source signs the data before publishing it to blockchain to certify the authenticity of data. The data can be moved to blockchain either by a single Oracle node or by source directly acting as Oracle.

Oracle Testnet live on 36 blockchains

Group 319
Group 22
Group 20
Group 21
Group 321
Layer 1
Group 323
Group 27
Group 63

How to Apply

Eligibility Criteria

To receive SNAP credits, your startup must meet the following criteria:

  • Early bird slot access from one of our partner channels
  • Unfunded or funded (including Pre-Seed, Angel, Seed, Debt Finance, and Series A)
  • Have a functioning company website and online public profile
  • Proven integration and implementation of SupraOracles

Complete the form below to apply and a SNAP representative will be in touch.